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Book Review: The Liars by Naomi Joy

In exchange for an honest review, I was provided a free eARC of The Liars by Naomi Joy.

Publish Date: April 23, 2019

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Image Courtesy of NetGalley

Official Blurb (courtesy of NetGalley)

Two women. One deadly secret. A rivalry that could destroy them. 

Ava Wells is perfect. She has the boyfriend, the career, the looks. But one night changes everything and her life suddenly isn’t so seamless. 

Jade Fernleigh is ambitious. She’s worked hard to get where she is. And she’s not about to let Ava take the job she rightly deserves. 

Both women share a secret that could destroy them, but who will crumble first? 

Praise for The Liars: 

‘An unnerving page-turning story of secrets and rivalry with an undercurrent of menace throughout, leading to a nail-biting conclusion’ Sue Fortin, bestselling author of Sister Sister. 

‘A real page turner. It was exactly my kind of read – toxic relationships, thick tension and a grippingplot’ Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between You and Me. 

‘An irresistibly compulsive thriller’ Ella Drummond, author of My Last Lie. 

‘A well written fast-paced story, with more twiststhan a corkscrew’ Amanda James, author of Another Mother.


My Thoughts

At first, this story had a lot of appeal. I loved the cutthroat dynamics between Ava and Jade, and how each of their personal lives continuously wreaked havoc in their worklife, threatening to expose the “secret” they were both keeping.

However, this is one of those books where I feel that the official description doesn’t accurately describe the book. True, Ava and Jade had a secret that could destroy them. Jade, not necessarily Ava, was hell-bent on beating Ava and being better than her. But there was more going on in the book that overshadowed their rivalry, in my opinion.

Ava was trying to get out of her controlling relationship, and her boss, David jumps in to help. Maybe too fast? I thought so. He began doing little things that seemed like he was controlling her every move. When Ava starts getting notes from her ex and David begins to suspect she’s lying about something, her life starts to unravel.

Jade, constantly trying to be better than Ava and vying for the same leadership position, is so focused on herself, that she doesn’t even realize that she had her own wolf in sheep’s clothing to contend with. Add on top of that, her meds are no longer working, the guy she’s interested in and had been dating for a few weeks acted like he didn’t know her and had been dating Ava this whole time? That’s enough to escalate her breakdown.

However, what one thinks will be a story about how the lies break these women by their own actions, there’s another party involved that is actually encouraging and aiding in their unravelment, all for the sake of revenge. Who could it be? There are a few contendors that could be seeking their revenge against Ava and Jade, but they are so focused on themselves, they don’t see it.


I’ve been in a reading slump lately, and while this book had some appealing aspects, I felt it didn’t start getting interesting until the last third of the book. Basically, when everything starts to unravel. I liked the fact that there were two suspects who I felt could be going for revenge against Ava and Jade, but I guessed who it was pretty quick.

This book does have an open ending leaving room for a potential sequal, or maybe it is an ending to make the reader guess without a coming answer. I give this one 3.5 stars for the thrilling ending, but I felt the beginning could have used some work. Maybe more psychological warfare from the third party?


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