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Book Review: The Last Thing She Remembers by J.S. Monroe

In exchange for an honest review, I was provided a free eARC of The Last Thing She Remembers by J.S. Monroe.

Release Date: May 28, 2019

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Official Description (Courtesy of NetGalley)

Who can you trust if you don’t know who you are?

She arrives at the train station only to realize her bag had been stolen—her passport, credit cards, laptop, house key now all gone. And even more disturbing, when she goes to report the incident, she can’t recall her own name. All she has on her is a train ticket home.

Suffering from stress-induced amnesia, the woman without a name is a source of mystery when she appears at the sleepy Wiltshire village where she thought she lived. She quickly becomes a source of conspiracy and fear among the townspeople. Why does one think he recognizes her from years earlier? And why do the local police take such a strong interest in her arrival?

From the critically acclaimed author of Find Me comes a shocking new tale of dark pasts and deception, leaving us breathlessly analyzing the role memory plays in defining who we are—and who others think we might be

My Thoughts

Wow! This book definitely kept my guessing for a bit on who’s who and what is going on.

First we have our mystery main character, who is later told she looks like a “Jemma” with a “J”. So, naturally, everyone including the main character start referring to her as “Jemma”. The problem with being called “Jemma” makes people think she is a missing mental health patient who used to live in the town and killed her flatmate 12 years ago.

We then have Tony, one half of the couple that lives in the house that “Jemma” swears she used to live. Tony seems immediately drawn to her and defends her even to his wife, Laura. Out of fear that “Jemma” is a murderer, Laura leaves town to visit family. Throughout the story, I thought something about Tony was off, but the story and the author kept redirecting the reader’s attention to “Jemma’s” identity.

The we have Luke, whose wife passed away and now he is trying to reconnect with a school sweetheart. Once he gets a glance at “Jemma”, he believes that somehow she’s related to his sweetheart, Freya. Luke becomes even more determined to find out and gets caught up in the mystery.

Then, we have Detective Hart, the person who worked the crime that Jemma, the murderer, committed. He is investigating if this mystery woman really is Jemma, where she’s been since being released, and what her intentions are for being in her hometown.

There are many twists and turns in this story and it definitely makes you think, okay, that was explained, but what’s next?

In Conclusion

This was probably one of the top 10 books I’ve read in the last 3 months. I loved the mystery. I loved the fact it kept me guessing. The character perspectives were separated clearly. I look forward to discovering more books by this author!

I give The Last Thing She Remembers four stars!


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